Book Review: Gospel-Centred Church: Becoming the Community God Wants You to Be

Gospel-Centred ChurchGospel-Centred Church by Steve Timmis
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This book is a practical treatment of Gospel-centeredness in a church. “Gospel-Centered” is a buzz word you see and hear a lot. Not everyone means the same thing by it and there are reasons to be very cautious with the approach. Though not agreeing with everything, I think Timmis and Chester are using it mostly right–how the Gospel shapes and directs the community of the church, including discipleship, evangelism, etc.

The book is designed as a study, so there are questions for discussion and such. It would be a good study for groups to work through. Some things will seem outlandish, but hear them out. I assure you will be challenged and convicted. The authors goal is not to give a church template but to help direct focus and provoke strategic thinking.

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