Book Review: This Do In Remembrance of Me

This Do in Remembrance of MeThis Do in Remembrance of Me by Arie Elshout
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This book is a Dutch reformed treatment of the Lord’s supper. It’s a blend of introspective, puritanic pietism and expositions of confessions, catechisms, and liturgies of men more so than Scripture. There were some surprising statements here and there, like something about Christ as prophet, priest, and king and how we can receive him as one now and the others later. The Lord’s supper was pushed as a sacrament that confers grace to the partakers. Elshout made a reference to Hebrews 4:16, but slipped “the Lord’s table” in there where “the throne of grace” is, making that quite a different statement. I’m afraid the heavy introspectionist approach has the net effect of making the Lord’s supper more about self-examination than the sacrificial death of Christ. It has some good, but there are better books on the subject.

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