Review: God and Marriage

God and Marriage
God and Marriage by Geoffrey William Bromiley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is one of those little books that turns out to be a big blessing. It’s a little different from most other books on marriage in that it is strongly doctrinal and not so much advice. There are certainly practical aspects but it is put upon a strong foundation.

Bromiley develops a biblical theology of marriage in four parts—God the Father and marriage, God as the husband of Israel, God the Son and Marriage, and God the Holy Spirit and marriage. The chapter on Israel is outstanding. He traces the rise and fall of Israel from the perspective of their practices concerning marriage.

The number of books on marriage has to be nearing infinity and much of them range from worthless to harmful. The bad marriage books turn out to be nothing but manipulation manuals or technique how-to’s. There is a place for some of that, but only if you have a solid theological foundation to stand on. Bromiley does a lot of work here to put some rock under your feet. I highly recommend it.

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