Review: The Books of the Bible

The Books of the Bible (Zondervan Quick-Reference Library)The Books of the Bible by John H. Sailhamer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’ve found Sailhamer to be always worth reading. This book goes book by book through the whole Bible and gives a brief overview of each book. Sailhamer brings out the main point of each book while keeping an eye toward the book’s place in the canon and overall story of the Bible. This would book would be valuable for study, for preaching, and for daily Bible reading. If you read through the Bible every year, you could profit from referring to each book to get a sense of the main point, theme, and structure of the book. In a few places, the brevity left me unsure of some things. I also would pick at some things here and there, but overall a great book.

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